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Schur Pack invests €70 million for building a new folding box plant in Germany

Schur Pack invests €70 million for building a new folding box plant in Germany


Schur Pack Germany is currently building Europe's most modern high-tech folding box facility in a new location with an investment of €70 million.


The new plant, near Hamburg, will cover an area of 28,000 m².The new facility and the associated massive investments in the new plant at the future Business Park A24 location, has the purpose of providing a positive and, most importantly, sustainable corporate development for Schur Pack Germany within Europe. With the decision for a new company location and the corresponding enormous investment volume in new buildings and machines, the packaging specialist also sends out a clear signal for the production and business location Germany.

The new high-tech plant also sets entirely new standards with regard to energy efficiency. Here, the complete construction is supplied entirely with regenerative sources of energy and no fossil fuels are required in the entire building. The packaging specialist Schur is also extending its portfolio of products. Apart from the printing quality, which is once again increased, innovative finishing technology, like hot and cold foil is now also available for the customers.


Company Name Schur Pack Germany
Location Germany
Type New Folding Box Plant
Estimated Cost €70 million
Area 28,000 m² 

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