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Stora Enso invest in Skoghall Mill



Stora Enso invest in Skoghall Mill




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Stora Enso to invest in development and streamlining of Skoghall Mill Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. The Group has presence in more than 35 countries worldwide, and is a publicly traded company listed in Helsinki and Stockholm. Their customers include publishers, printing houses and paper merchants, as well as the packaging, joinery and construction industries. Stora Enso production capacity is 5.2 million tonnes of chemical pulp, 12.1 million tonnes of paper and board, 1.3 billion square metres of corrugated packaging and 6.0 million cubic metres of sawn wood products, including 3.0 million cubic metres of value-added products. Our sales in 2012 were EUR 10.8 billion, with an operational EBIT of EUR 618.3 million. Stora Enso is investing approximately EUR 32 million in Skoghall Mill in Sweden. The investment primarily pertains to rebuilding of a fibre line in the sulphate pulp mill and its chemical recovery operations, thereby increasing the mill’s pulp production capacity by 45 000 tonnes per year. “The investment will equip Skoghall Mill with new potential for increasing operational efficiency to enhance our competitiveness in the attractive packaging market,” says Mats Nordlander, EVP, Stora Enso Renewable Packaging. The project will begin immediately and is expected to be completed in October 2014. This investment is additional to the recent investment of approximately EUR 90 million in a new woodroom and woodyard for improved wood handling at the mill. The investment will enable Skoghall Mill to increase production volumes and improve its cost position.