How Packaging Software Can Improve Quality Control

The industrial packaging industry faces a challenging future with experts predicting faltering growth amid frequently changing customer requirements, increased raw material costs and growing environmental issues.

For these and many other reasons, packaging software has become an even more critical component of the supply chain with bottom-line benefits.  It enables ongoing process improvements, product reporting and site quality control - all of which play a key role in ensuring that producers respond to changing demands quickly and efficiently and that they remain cost-competitive.

Quality control is a critical element of the packaging industry and mistakes can be extremely costly.   For example, the fall-out from inconsistent package weights or a contaminant in the packaged product can be devastating and not many businesses have the capacity to weather those sorts of challenges.

That’s why the choice of packaging software isn’t simply an IT issue.  It’s a business decision, because the right choice of packaging software can make a significant difference to an organization’s bottom-line and their long-term success.

There are standard, off-the-shelf packaging software packages available, but as each site is unique, it’s often better to get a custom-designed solution.  This software should be designed by software engineers who know and understand packaging processes so they can create flexible solutions which meet the site’s specific needs and which can be integrated with their specific packaging equipment.

For example, check weighing software is widely used in the packaging and food processing industries for both static and dynamic (in-motion) weighing to ensure consistent product quality and reporting.  Another reason that quality managers rely on this packaging software is that it can be applied to sites anywhere in the world, so it’s ideal for those organizations which have geographically dispersed production facilities as they are assured of quality control consistency and compatibility across all their sites.

Packaging software also needs to have sufficient flexibility to adapt and respond quickly to changing requirements - and that’s another reason why it’s beneficial to engage with software engineers who are experienced in the packaging industry.

One company which that has a strong reputation for the supply of advanced, user-friendly and feature-rich packaging software solutions to complement the commissioning of its packaging equipment solutions is AccuPak.

The company has an extensive library of standard, off-the-shelf packaging software packages but their experienced and knowledgeable engineers are also able to design custom solutions for any site which interface with any packaging equipment.

If you want to learn more about how packaging software can improve quality control and improve your bottom-line or if you have any queries about packaging equipment, please get in touch with AccuPak, a leading provider of packing, filling, bagging and palletizing machinery and equipment in Australia. You can view their extensive equipment range on or by contacting their head office on 1300 793 476 to find out which of their many national branches is closest to you.

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