Top 5 Inspiring Packaging Design Trends For 2020

Packaging plays a huge role in the perceived value of a product. The packaging designs grab attention and convince consumers to make a purchase. The consumers first come in contact with packaging before opening and seeing the product inside. Novel packing designs give consumers a sneak peek into what they can expect with your product. Besides looking for unique packing designs, businesses are also experimenting with new packaging materials as effective replacements for plastic. With all the box and packaging design choices accessible in today's market, it often becomes tough to pick up the most appropriate packaging solution for your product.
Let's take a look at each of the types of packaging design trends you can use to enhance your customer and product experience!

Types of Packaging Design Trends 2020

I) Minimalism

One of the trending product packaging design concepts that we can discover anywhere out there in the world. In minimalistic product packaging designs, you will be able to witness how colors such as light pink, cream, and light blue are heavily used as most of the businesses have started using soft and natural colors in their packages. In packaging and design, minimalism helps in bringing focus to the main elements of typeface and color. Creating clean designs that are free from the clutter will be the main focus of the packaging design trends 2020.

II) Sustainable Packaging Design

Another trending packaging and design idea is to stick to sustainability. Starting from zero-waste packaging reforms to reusable packaging programs, the earth-friendly packaging supplies are expected to continue to rise in popularity and produce greater demand from consumers. New plant-based alternatives such as bio-polymer based packaging plastics will replace flexible packaging supplies such as stand up pouches, shrink film, and stretch film sooner.

III) Smart Packaging

Another great way to simply update iconic or traditional product package designs without having to change them is Augmented reality (AR) enabled packaging. QR codes, RFID technology, augmented reality all relate to the idea of smart packaging. Besides, we'll see playful and artistic designs, gamification objectives invoking educational experiences for children, and badge accumulations and awards similar to that of mobile gaming and social media in the realm of packaging.

IV) Flat Illustrations

An innovative packaging design trend that's currently dominating the overall design world and have reached their peak popularity. They are versatile and will be able to match perfectly well with your branding. Besides, it can deliver much-needed assistance by creating the most compelling package design that you can ever think about. This could be an ideal approach to create designs such as bottle packaging design on printed material.

V) Bold Patterns

This packaging trend is already in a variety of graphic designs. The packaging designers will use bold fonts to drive attention as well as build the brand identity. Using bold patterns is an excellent approach that you can follow to counter the vast popularity of minimalism. Make sure each pattern fits into the overall aesthetic delivered out of your packaging.  

Packaging Design Guidelines

There are a few golden packaging design guidelines to follow if you are looking at creating a novel packaging design or refreshing an existing one.

  • Your packaging design should be a right reflection of your brand/product
  • Your packaging design should be reliable
  • Your packaging design should be clear and precise
  • Your packaging design should be different and own-able
  • Your packaging design should be functional

Packaging Design Services

For the packaging design services to run efficiently, it's extremely necessary to identify one's competitors, decide the user's likeness, where the product is positioned, and consumer's expectations for the product and the category. The next important thing for the packaging design services is the selection of layout and materials as package design is exceptional in a way that one can work with any materials right from paper to steel or wood. Creating the packaging design is also of extreme importance when all of the analyzed and provided information is changed to design a solution, which transforms the product into one that clearly shows the desired values and emotions. The manufacturing preparation process is not only of utmost importance but requires a lot of knowledge. After all these four main stages, unique packaging is produced which is perfectly adapted to your product and is fully oriented towards your customers.


These top packaging design trends 2020 will help packages stand out and it's the high time to think about following these trends to take your business to the next level with these packaging ideas.