Trend of Single Serve Packaging for Wines

Today every food item is available in single serve packaging. Once upon a time single serve packaging was dedicated to medical products and nutritional supplements. Now, even liquids like beverages are also available in single serving. This is not only bottled for name sake packaging, but comes in absolute wine glass models. This style of single serve is a consumer good, and also being highly used at a business end, like catering etc industries.
In recent, China is quoted as a market that is majorly focusing on wine single serve packaging and creations in it, to exploit the market. In fact this is everywhere in developed countries, because of the comfort and convenience looking by the consumers. The concept is still focusing developed countries as it is an expensive packaging.

Portable Wine Trend

The year 2008 is a year for portable wine trend. However, the packaging was typical and resembled beer or bottled packaging with a shatterproof, eco-friendly, aluminum materials. This was started by Volute Wine bottles made for Bordeaux AOC red, white and rose that comes in elegant single serve, shatterproof, lightweight and  eco-friendly aluminum bottles, which are appropriate for the outdoors and venues which ban glass. This specially-treated aluminum container of Volute accommodates 187ml of wine, which is a quarter of a standard bottle. The crown cap is just as a soda bottle and so the packaging gives it some special flexibility to drink it at home just like any other wine. As per a company's press release, “the introduction of its new line of single-serve Bordeaux AOC wines packaged in shatterproof, eco-friendly, aluminum bottles…is a big breakthrough because for the first time, wine lovers can enjoy premium wine outdoors, or in venues that ban glass.”

Through few companies, industry is meeting consumer demand for wine single-serve packaging. The pouches and aseptic packs are other desirable options and companies such as Target and Bandit have introduced wines in aseptic single-serve pouches. However, this might take a while for that trend to catch on with consumers. Wine in an aseptic pouch is popular in non US markets.

A European innovation in wine packaging is starting to take America is aluminum cans, which are being used to give wine a cool, refreshing look, and are durable and refrigerator-friendly. Manufacturers such as Sofia Coppola and Floot are offering single-serve cans for their wines.

Ready to Drink Market

Copa Di Vino meaning “cup of wine” had hit the market in the spring of 2010 with single-serve containers of wine and the same model won Dupont packaging competition. The product is selling in 21 states of US. In the process of tapping the market, the Copa Di Vino focused on Foods and new Seasons Market that carries the product as one of the arrangements for outdoor concert venues. This kind of portable wine supply is in need at venues and as well at end consumer market. So Ralph’s, the largest chain of grocery stores in Southern California began carrying Copa. As per Copa Di Vino entrepreneur, James Martin’s sales forecast the company will have $75 million in revenue and $10 million in profits by 2016.

These strategic packaging solutions are using plastic for the container body and lidding foils sticked with adhesives to equip the container with a tamper proof seal. Similarly, Wine Innovations developed this ingenious concept of single serving wine glasses called “The Tulip” that resembles a container of yogurt it has a peal-off foil lid, which is sealed using patented technology to maintain wine quality and to give a shelf life of over 1 year. This packaging is a single serve prefilled wine glass, a perfect packaging to serve at all occasions, outdoor events, sporting events and festivals and makes it the natural choice.

There is a lot of un-explored, untapped and unexploited market in the global packaging industry. So,

  • » With cost effective solutions, companies / manufacturers can explore the untouched parts of the globe.
  • » Though the solution is introduced, the supply hasn’t yet reached the remote areas of the developed countries

It is all about availability with comfort, convenience and the ethnic wine glasses style that keeps and maintains the actual wine glass experience.

There a lot of scope for plastics, foils and adhesives manufacturers in this single serves wine packaging market.