AFIP 2019

Advanced Functional and Industrial Printing Conference 2019

27 March - 28 March, 2019

+ 32 (0)16 894 353


Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Germany

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+ 32 (0)16 894 353

Sint-Jorisveld 44, B-3390 Sint-Joris-Winge, Belgium

About Advanced Functional and Industrial Printing Conference 2019

In 2008 ESMA for the first time organised the Membrane Switch Symposium that evolved into Advanced Functional Printing conference in 2011. The increasing market demand led to further concept development and in 2013 Advanced Functional & Industrial Printing attracted over 30 exhibiting companies and a total of 160 delegates.

With the support of leading screen and digital manufacturers, AFIP has become the umbrella event with the broadest approach to speciality print applications and successfully continues to educate about print in production.

Functional and industrial print applications are leading the change in the production processes of today. Screen and digital technologies are adopting rapidly to the market demands and open new opportunities. AFIP conference is the only European event at this level that provides MANUFACTURERS, BRANDS, PRINTERS and RESEARCHERS with such a broad view on the world of industrial printing, including: PRINTED ELECTRONICS | FILM INSERT MOULDING (FIM) | AUTOMOTIVE | IN-MOULD DECORATION (IMD) | NAME PLATES | INDUSTRIAL FASCIA | MEMBRANE SWITCHES | CONDUCTIVE INKS | TOUCH PANELS AND SCREENS | SENSORS | PRINTED BATTERIES | ANTI-COUNTERFEIT | BIO-MEDICAL | BRAND PROTECTION | COLOUR CONTROL | CONSUMER GOODS TECHNOLOGY | FUNCTIONAL COATINGS | IN-MOULD ELECTRONICS | PRINTING WITH GRAPHENE | PROCESS CONTROL | SECURITY PRINT | TECHNICAL GLASS PRINTING | TECHNICAL TEXTILES | THIN FILM APPLICATIONS.

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