E-PACK Summit US

E-PACK Summit US

27 October - 28 October, 2020


+1 330 762 7441


Swissotel, USA

Organized By:

Smithers Pira

+44 (0) 1372 802000



Cleeve Road Leatherhead Surrey KT22 7RU United Kingdom

About E-PACK Summit US

E-retail revenues are projected to grow to a whopping 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021; and with online shopping more popular than ever, the e-commerce market is in full boom.

For Brands:   This means having both a clear short and long-term e-commerce packaging strategy that allows you to keep up with competitors and consumer trends. In order to be effective in this task, brand strategies should be drawn from a clear understanding of emerging packaging innovations and  shared industry challenges along with expert insight from industry front-runners that are exploring new ideas, learning valuable lessons, and calling for continuous improvement within the packaging for e-commerce sector.

For Producers of E-commerce Packaging:   This means manufacturing your products faster and more cost-effectively with buyer trends (such as sustainability) at top-of-mind, as well as finding that extra competitive edge in a highly competitive market.

The E-Pack US series, now in its second year, is the industry’s go-to for the freshest presentation content, real-time case studies from industry front-runners, and solutions showcased in a way that gives you all the information you need throughout the 2 day program, to make an informed packaging decision, and continue to develop your own successful e-commerce strategy.


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