Automatic Sleeving Machine

Automatic Sleeving Machine

Allen Pack’s Automatic Sleeving Machine ASL-1000can be used to easily combine with your company’s existing packaging lines. Based on the requirement of our clients, we can also provide a complete Packaging Machinery and Equipment that would include the conveyor, applicator, and heat tunnel. We are one of the leading Auto Sleeving Machine Manufacturers across the globe.

Our Shrink sleeve labelling machines are suitable for all bottles with various width range and label position application. All sleeving machines are customised to meet the specifications of each product and they are suitable for bottles, cans, cups and containers.



Model ASL-1000
Dimension (mm) (W x D x H) 1270 x 1060 x 2500
Weight (KG) 300
Electric Power Ac 3-Phases 220/380V
Sleeving Speed (100mmCL) 100 bpm
Diameter of bottle Ø30~140mm
Height of bottle Max. 320mm
Material of Shrink Sleeve PVC, PET, OPS, PLA
Thickness of sleeves 0.035mm~0.08mm
Height of Sleeve Max. 250 mm
Diameter of Sleeves core 5”, 6”, 10”


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