Shrink Film

Shrink Film

Our Shrink Film contains high quality and exceptional performance. Being the leading manufacturer of shrink sleeve film, Allen pack manufacturers shrink film not only for packaging, but also for printing shrink sleeve also. We provide all kinds of shrink film for packing and printing such as PVC Shrink film, PET Shrink film, and POF Shrink Film.

Usage of automatic and semi-automatic machines reduce cost and our shrink sleeve film and machinery are suitable for all types of food, chemical products, soaps, hardware, sport equipment and so on. Allen Pack’s products are completely airtight, anti-humidity, and anti-dust to help efficiently enhance merchandises’ value. Other than packaging, we also provide flat and smooth shrink film to printing plants rendering the printed packaging.


  • PVS Shrink Film is cost-effective and commonly used for every shrink film printer across the globe.
  • Our PVC is manufactured in accordance with EU RoHS.
  • For the PET shrink film, its shrinkage reaches 65% and 75% which can cover most curvy bottles, polygonal bottles and special shrinking applications.


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