Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic Strapping Machine

We provide the highest quality Automatic Strapping Machineincluding Fully Automatic Strapping Machine, Semi automaticStrapping Machine. Our machines are custom made and are applications specific. Our Automatic Strapping Machineis easy to use and is available at affordable prices.

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Excellent for high production demands.
  • Foot switch is provided for convenient operation.
  • Optional table top sensing switch and or photo cell sensors allow for on-line integration.


 Arch size
 (Standard)  W850mm    H600mm
 Table height  810mm
 Strap width  9,12,15mm
 Strapping speed  2 sec./Per Strap
 Max. tension  80 KGs
 Power supply  110,220,240,380V 50/60HZ 1 or 3 Phase
 Machine dimensions  W1400mm, D590mm, H1500mm
 Weight  180 KGs

SP-4 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Patented instant heat performance.
  • Convenient external strapping tension adjustment.
  • Automatic motor power off safety feature.
  • Patented magnetic tension detector.
  • Adjustable cooling time.
  • Adjustable table height – Max. range: +140 mm.

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