Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine is used when the product is fragile and cannot withstand a high drop. It facilitates ease of opening and comfortable consumption of products. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine delivers shaped pouches that result in better product aesthetics and shelf presence. This Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machineis of rugged construction and user friendly and has proven to be easy to operate and maintain.

Form Fill Seal Packaging Machinetype will be of pillow. Here are the technical specifications of Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine:

  • Packing Type: Pillow Seal
  • Packing Speed per min: 10-200 packs (Dependent on package size)
  • Max. Product Dimensions:
    • Length: 60-600 mm
    • Width: 10-160mm
    • Height: 1-120mm (Over 120mm can be custom-made)
  • Max. Film Width: 450mm
  • Machine Dimension: 3500/4500 (L) x 900 (W) x 1500 (H) mm.


Date Coding Machine / Labeling Machine / Digital Control Panel.

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