Kolbus Autobox

Kolbus Autobox

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MULTI-CUT module

MULTI-CUT module

The MULTI-CUT module is a flexible addition to our box making machines to boost your production efficiency. With the MULTI-CUT feature, you can create custom boxes with cut out windows from stock board being quickly cut to size, remove the glue tabs, and make extra creases for more complex boxes. This addition enables box makers to create over 100 different styles of cardboard box with the MULTI-CUT’s die cutting capability. Easily double your output of boxes as the MULTI-CUT can produce two boxes at once while reducing manual handling time.


  • Create over 100 different box styles.

  • Double work output; produce 2 boxes at once.

  • Cut stock board to size quickly.

  • Create 0401 and one-piece folder box styles in one pass from stock board.

  • Fully automatic, reducing manual handling.

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