Layer Palletisers

Layer Palletisers

Our company’s electrical and mechanical engineers use the latest systems and software, backed by Factory Acceptance Test and trial facilities to assemble systems and run to ensure they meet customer’s requirements, on time, on budget and with returns.

The Highrunner mk7 is the fastest palletiser in the Quimarox range. Using the Highrunner mk7, the products are deposited on the pallet layer. The machine must have a built-in buffer feature, where each formed row remains until a layer is complete. The Highrunner mk7 needs to make fewer movements when an entire layer is deposited at a time. This helps to save time that enhances the capacity.

There is no need of rows to move up and down at the time of depositing as the pallet moves up and down with the Highrunner mk 7. This saves even more time, especially with pallets that need to be stacked 1.80 metres or higher. This makes the Highrunner mk7 one of the fastest palletisers in the market.

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