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V48 Shrink Tunnel

V48 Shrink Tunnel

The Vortex 48 shrink tunnel by Conflex puts the heat where it the chamber with the packages. This uniques design positions the 3 heating elements in the heat chamber to heat the air around the package, not circulating through baffles as the recirculating shrink tunnel designs do. This results in a fantastic shrink appearance and full control over the airflow and minimal power consumption. The consistent shrink tunnel air temperature and unique Archimedian airflow design offer superior shrink results at lower temperatures vesus traditional shrink tunnels.

Standard Vortex Series Features

  • Low Power Consumption - Easy on your electrical bill for quick ROI.

  • Independently Adjustable Air Flow Fans Gentle air flow for light product to a high air flow for products that need it.

  • Viewing Window - Standard feature because you need to see the product to make it look good.

  • Lighted Shrink Chamber - Makes it easier to perfect the shrink appearance of the package if you can see it.

  • Cool to the Touch - Efficiently insulated to save power and keep the heat where is belongs.

  • Casters and Leg Levelers - standard equipment.

  • UL Listed Electrical Panel.

  • Lower Shrink Temperatures - Archimedian air vortex design.

  • Variable Speed Conveyor - Speeds to 100 feet per minute.

  • Durable Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt - standard equipment.

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