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Unitload Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Unitload Automated Storage & Retrieval System

High-density pallet storage, high-speed operation, and versatility make Daifuku’s Unitload AS/RS the best-selling automated storage and retrieval system in the world. With its flexible design up to 40 m, the Unitload automated warehouse "Compact System" is customized to fit our customers' specific installation environment and operating conditions. View Unit-load AS/RS configuration in 3D.


1. Fast & dependable

Daifuku offers a variety of stacker cranes for Automated Warehouse to fit your specific load profile and weight, building dimensions, and operating environment. All AS/RS systems feature high-quality drives for fast, smooth, and reliable performance.

2. Advanced control system

Daifuku’s local intelligent network control system offers a comprehensive solution: from front-end controls to full-scale inventory management computer systems. Our software provides full control of stacker cranes and their peripheral load-handling systems. The software monitors the system in real time to assist with trouble and control auxiliary equipment such as quantity indicator displays for order picking.

3. Simple operation & maintenance

End-of-aisle controllers allow operators to easily manage loads without entering AS/RS aisles. The power supply and other major components are readily accessible for quick and easy maintenance.

4. Improved operation efficiency

The high-speed stacker crane automatically stores and retrieves loads quickly and efficiently. Not only does this dramatically reduce cycle time, but it also reduces the number of forklifts and forklift traffic. Daifuku's stacker cranes reduce energy costs by using low electricity and regenerating power.

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