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BEM100 Semi-automatic case erector

BEM100 Semi-automatic case erector

BEM100 Semi-automatic case erector

The unfolded boxes are placed vertically, guiding the lower flaps by means of a wedge system installed at the base of the machine. Once placed in position by manual operation, the lower flaps are folded, holding the box for filling. Once the box is filled, a piston is activated by means of a button that pushes the box towards the exitof the machine, for subsequent closing.

For the complete closing of the box, it is advisable to place a box seamer afterwards.

Welded bench, built with sheet and steel profiles,with a pleasant line.

Technical characteristics

Standard machine

Variable production according to format up to 5 boxes / min.

Manual dimensional adjustment

Bottom flap folding

Air pressure: 6 Bar.


Variations to the standard machine

Possibility of manufacturing in INOX 204

Possibility of «machine à la carte» with special dimensions

Possibility of adapting to forming + closing line

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