Automatic Palletizers

Automatic Palletizers

Ehcolo provides a wide range of automatic palletizers. Our palletizer machines capacity ranges from 0-2500 units per hour, and as the only palletizing manufacturer, we have developed a technology, that saves energy, when motors in the palletizer brakes, which they do often, as this is natural for a palletizer. This energy is reused by other running motors. This saves energy by up to 20% in favour of both environment and economy.

There are various types of palletizing systems. Our palletizing equipment is customized for a special purpose or a special task of operating. At Ehcolo, we have various standardized palletizing systems and we are capable to customize them into the smallest details.

Ehcolo supplies robotic bag palletizers to companies throughout Europe. We have extensive experience in this area and we can meet all requirements.

So if you are interested in saving money and energy, feel free to contact us.

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