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Ehcolo A/S

Smedevej 10, Tobøl, DK-6683 Føvling DENMARK

Container loading and unloading

Container loading and unloading

Ehcolo has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying bulk container loaders and also bulk container unloading systems. Our company contains loading bags in ship containers without pallets.

Container loading without pallets – PR

The purpose of the pallet remover system is to load ship containers or trucks to the roof with bags or cartons, fast and without damaging the goods in any way and without any manual work.

The system requires a standard fork lift truck, the pallet remover and a standard fork lift truck mounted with a push-off device, the last fork lift truck will be able to drive into a container or a truck.

Container Bulk Loader, CBL

Our container bulk loader is ideal for loading dry bulk commodities into containers, such as sugar, malt, fish meal, grain or almost any other free flowing products.


CBL one 20 feet container in 25 minutes.

We also supply a unique pneumatic container bulk un-loader system. The system contains a blower and a rotary valve, and it can be delivered without when tipping down in a receiving hopper.

The unloader is also designed for lumpy products so that these lumps will be “smashed” and be able to transport pneumatically.

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