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Wine Capsule Machine

Wine Capsule Machine

Wine and sparkling wine capsule machines are a forte of the company for more than 50 years now and are manufactured and developed for the production of bottle capsules. Innovation in modular systems which are high in quality and performance, are capable of being built according to customer’s requirements and shape the products with an individualistic touch.

The company’s machines are equipped with various kinds of applications such as embossing, hot foiling, perforations, tar-tabs, ink printing and many others. Based on the requirements of the customers, the machines can be made to process PVC, Aluminum, or complex foil and also include vital serial equipment and tools.

These are some of the machines that are popular with our customers and have been known to fetch great results:

Wine capsule machine WK-12

High speed– up to 275 capsules /minute

  • Typical applications for the WK-12 are capsules of complex or plastic foils for wine bottles or similar dimensions.

Ergonomics and possible changeover

  • The quick change system for mandrels and tools assure high availability and quick machine changeover.

Important serial equipment

  • Touch screen panel,complete tool set, printing mark control and many more.

Modular and innovative machine concept

  • WK-12 is available either for plastic or complex capsules or for both capsule types.

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