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GREEN laser, Integrated laser marking system

GREEN laser, Integrated laser marking system

GREEN laser marker is designed for complex and cold markings on materials not reactive to other wavelengths. In addition, the GREEN laser has a small spot diameter that offers unsurpassed micro marking quality and accuracy on a wide range of materials.

Cold laser marking

Cold laser marking refers to marking and treatment carried out with minimal thermal stress. Laser beam concentration allows marking without generating heat into parts, avoiding any burning or damage. This marking doesn’t alter the material and is an ideal solution for marking soft materials and sensitive components.

Ultra-high-definition micro marking

Gravotech has developed green laser engravers that guarantee small and fine markings, it offers a fine spot size of 20 μm and micro markings with exceptional resolution while limiting thermal stress on the material. Small 2D Datamatrix, detailed logo, precise removal of thin layers of coating: the GREEN Series can meet all of your application challenges.

Mark the impossible

Its versatility is almost unrivaled. This range uses a 532 nm wavelength to mark materials that would not normally react to infrared wavelengths: from rough to the most transparent plastics, reflective metals (copper, silver, gold), ceramic, cardboard, wood.

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