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Dental Aligner Forming Machine TVP 25

Dental Aligner Forming Machine TVP 25

Dental Aligner Forming Machine TVP 25

Fully automatic vacuum and pressure thermoforming machine for dental aligners with in-feed carousel for 3D models.


Designed to automate all production processes for the manufacture of dental aligners.

Forming area 220×220 (mm).

Roll feeding, which allows a considerable saving in material.

Film traction by chain conveyor.

Film heating (patented system) that allows the use of different types of plastic and film thickness.

Fixed heater equipped with ceramic resistances and motorized stainless roller shutter that allows regulation of the radiation area.

Improves the initial cycle efficiency after a stop, by avoiding the overheating of the area to be moulded.

 Forming is carried out with a pressure of 10 bars, which allows a higher quality in the definition of the aligner compared to manual machines.

Simple control by PLC and touch screen. Allows to memorize different recipes for different materials, allowing an easy format change.

Allows the integration of additional systems such as vision cameras for code reading and laser markers.

EU safety rules compliance.


from 300 to 1.300 units/h


The machine is fed from a film roll. A single operator places the 3D models on a carousel. The film is heated in the heating module until it reaches the right temperature depending on the type of film, then it goes to the moulding station, cutting station and finally, the products are placed on an ejection belt.

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