Flow Meter Filling Machine

Flow Meter Filling Machine

Our Flow Meter filling machine is fully automatic and it is suitable for a wide variety of products. The liquid filling machines can be set up for bottom-up fill, top fill or neck entry using the suitable interchangeable nozzles.

Flow Meter filling machine can be cleaned easily as it contains no moving parts. It is suited to hygienic filling applications. Liquid filling machines are available from 2-12 filling heads and they can be supplied as semi-automatic or fully automatic depending on production requirements.

Flow Meter filling machine Specifications include:

  • Modular 304 stainless steel construction
  • Environmental guarding to EC regulations
  • 100 Litre stainless product tank c/w drain valve
  • Automatic drip tray and neck location
  • No bottle no fills via PLC
  • Standard CIP circuit to drain
  • Spillage tray integral with guarding
  • SMC pneumatics, enclosed in IP55 stainless cabinet
  • Omron PLC

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