EasyScribe WD, WD-P


Easy Scribe WD uses technology that makes finest scribing lines at high speed in the material. The process runs in the web direction. For scribing, individual laser beam sources and precision optics are used. Scribing or perforation pattern is produces by each beam, with its own focusing optics. To produce parallel precisely-running scribing structures with spacing, LANG LASER has developed high precision MFO module (Multi-Focus Optics) which splits, if necessary each laser beam into two or more beams, before it hits the material. In case of position fluctuations on the packaging machine double or multiple tear lines are used. Work operation can be synchronised with the film print if necessary in order to produce at lowest cost.


Features of EasyScribe WD, WD-P


  • Unique performance with 12 processing heads
  • Up to 60 scribing or perforation patterns with Multi-Focus Optics
  • Scribing and perforating processes in a single production step
  • Combination of different hole sizes and scribing line lengths
  • Quicker product change
  • Consistently high quality
  • Powerful, easy-to-use control software

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