CombiScribe WD / CW


CombiScribe WD/CW combines the finest scribing and perforation structures in the web direction with any desired contour in the cross-web direction. CombiScribe WD / CW provide optimum solution for complex production processes.


Features of CombiScribe WD / CW


  • Finest perforations
  • Unlimited contour freedom
  • Innovative packaging
  • Best suitability for complex processes
  • Highest use flexibility



LANG LASER offers HighPowerScribe provides ideal solution in situation where the conventional punching technology reaches its limits. With HighPowerScribe all thick packaging materials can be cut easily and quickly at a low cost without wear. It has specially developed high-performance deflection system which allows helps in achieving extremely small spot diameters in a work area of up to 1.5 m2.


Features of HighPowerScribe


  • High-power lasers from TRUMPF
  • Wear-free cutting
  • High web speed
  • Smallest spot diameters
  • Maximum contour freedom

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