Laser Marking Technologies, LLC.

Laser Marking Technologies, LLC.

1101 W. Sanilac Rd. Caro, MI 48723



150W CW

1500 W Peak Quasi-CW fiber laser welder

1064nm wavelength

Rack mount, air cooled, multi-mode feed fiber

Providing little heat-affected zone and thermal deformation

D30 Fixed Welding Head: Vertical, 50 mm collimator, 200 mm focus, HLC-8

Gas assist, FLW-D30 & FLW-D50 for efficient Argon shield gas delivery

Cover slide, FLW-D30 to protect end use optics

Digital HDMI Camera

Direct Connectivity to LMT HD monitor  1/3″ CCD, True

720 HD O/P @ 60fps. To generate reticle for precise weld  placement. (Includes cross hair generator)

Standard LMT welding GUI to provide full control of laser power and speed of welding process

Class 1 Laser safe cabinet top provide proper guarding in compliance with FDA/CDRH while in normal operation

3″ powder coated welded steel tube construction workstation, heavy duty leveling casters

110 VAC

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