LGR Packaging

LGR Packaging

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Rigid boxes and POS

Rigid boxes and POS

Rigid boxes and POS


Manual and semi-automatic productions, particularly suited to small and medium series,

Close collaboration between the design, printing and converting teams, to understand the difficulties and ensure a high quality result,

A great freedom of shapes and many possibilities of accessorization (magnets, clasps, ribbons, etc.). Enough to spark the creativity of designers!

An offer that presents itself as a real alternative to traditional sourcing, with production meeting European standards, affordable and responsive,

A complementarity with the supply of folding packaging, which can be recovered by manual finishes, pre-assembly, etc.


POS type displays are a powerful in-store marketing tool and must be particularly attractive to consumers.

LGR Packaging's machine park makes it possible to produce large offset printed displays, delivered flat:

  • Box 1/4 pallet
  • Box 1/2 pallet
  • All cardboard POS

Various variants exist: with or without base, integrated pediment, trays, wedges, cover...

LGR also offers the possibility of producing packaging in 2 or 3 parts, which widens the range of possibilities in terms of size, complexity and  customization .

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