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The BPC 25N and BPC 35N are automatic horizontal lines suitable for the manufacture of any kind of blister packages. They are available in two sizes: 350x250 mm (BPC25N) and 500x350 mm (BPC35N). Suitable for medium and large runs of any kind of blisters.


All machines in the BPC series integrate all operations needed to manufacture a blister package, from forming the blister, loading of the product and sealing to trimming operations.

Plastic film is fed from a roll into a set of indexing chains that pierce the film and transport it into the machine for a continuous process of forming, sealing and cutting.

Optional Extras

The BPC-N series of Hamer blister lines are highly customizable. A large list of optional extras are available for both machines adapting them to our customer’s needs.

The most common optional extras are:

  • Pressure forming in addition to vacuum forming.

  • Customizable length of loading area.

  • High frequency welding.

  • Dedicated printing and coding system (flexographic printers, inkjet based coders etc)

  • Dedicated punching station for the euro-holder.

  • Possibility to manufacture a blister where both front and rear parts are formed.

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