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LSS Etikettering A/S

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Customised syringe labelling solutions

Customised syringe labelling solutions

Customised syringe labelling solutions built from standardised modules

At LSS we have developed a variety of different standardised modules that can be combined in many different ways to create a customised syringe labelling solution.

This approach allows us to build you a less expensive customised solution and ensures you a quicker time to market without the need for you to settle for a standardised solution.

Instead, we build you a labelling solution based on preexisting modules put together in a new way to meet our requirements.

Facts / Specifications

Products: Syringes
Product material: Plastic or glass
Label print: With laser
Machine capacity: Depending if it is manual infeed as shown here, or infeed from in-line up-stream 

Sensor inspection and reject functions of:

  • Syringe
    (Air bubbles, Missing content, Dark content, liquid between ribs and tip cap closure)
  • Label print before application
    - Batch data
    - Manufacturing date
    - Batch number
    - GTIN number
    - (Serial number)
    - 2D code (UDI)
  • Label presence and placement on the syringe

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