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Tamper Evident Labeller

Tamper Evident Labeller

Tamper Evident Labeller

Our standard Tamper Evident Labeller is very flexible and easy to integrate into existing production lines and systems.

It is possible to apply one or two tamper evident labels including check in any position, including control of label on product, with an automatic reject system for non approved products.

Easy format change, even between airplane and RTE cartons.

It is possible to print serialisation and batch data with ink-jet or laser. Our Tamper Evident Labeller is prepared for easy integration of ink-jet or laser of different brands. Also vision systems of different brands can be integrated.




Product height

15 - 120mm

Product length

40 - 120mm

Label material

Paper, PP and PE


Up to 300 cartons per minute

Machine dimensions

1200mm x 1200mm


  •    Ink-jet printer or laser of several brands can be integrated
  •    In-line or off-line execution
  •    Vision systems of several brands can be integrated
  •    Swing out function of dispensers for easy maintenance
  •    Audit trail, access control, recipe management
  •    Apply of extra price sticker / vignette label

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