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Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd.

Plot No: 700, Road No: 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033, INDIA.

Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Features of IML


Mold-Tek specializes in both standard and made-to-order packaging solutions for leading brands of Paints, Lubricants, Food products, Cosmetics, chemicals and FMCGs.


Mold-Tek always makes constant efforts in product design to develop new techniques of mould making, processing and decoration.


We developed IML decorated packaging for the first time in India which integrates decoration and labeling into the injection molding process producing outstanding picture quality and everlasting images.


In a growing sector like packaging, IML decoration would be the first choice to improve your brand image. IML decorated thin wall containers are suitable for storage conditions like microwave, dishwasher and the deep freeze.


  • IML offers outstanding quality of decoration, with a brilliance which cannot be obtained by either screen or offset printing
  • Full photographic quality and complete container coverage
  • The IML operations are hands free as handling is done by ROBOTS. Thereby the packaging is hygienic for D2F (Direct to fill) operations
  • IML can assist in improving the barrier properties to extend the shelf life of the filled goods
  • The label becomes an integral part of the pail and offers a no-label look. It offers better heat, moisture and chemical resistance
  • It is possible to manufacture and decorate all five outer surfaces of the container in a single operation. Hence, Internal transport and storage are eliminated ensuring quick delivery


Mold-Tek has set up integrated IML solution with in house label manufacturing and cutting machines to enable quick production of IML labels. We also developed in-house robots to cut down capital costs in order to ensure


  • Lowest prices for IML decoration complying with international standards
  • Quick delivery, customizability and maintenance
  • No chance of a stock out situation due to in house labels manufacturing and mould maintenance

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