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MultiSystems, Inc

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Fixed Barcode Scanners

Fixed Barcode Scanners

Online Lineal and Image-based Readers

MultiSystems provides a wide array of online, 1D and 2D fixed mounted barcode scanners for a range of industries and automated identification applications. These readers are integrated into client-specific environment to ensure optimal performance within their processes.

Need to read Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes? No problem. Our imaged-based reading solutions are optimized to read and capture challenging DPM codes like 2D Data Matrix codes on metal, plastics, ceramics and other substrates.

By adding fixed mounted barcode scanners, you can increase throughput and productivity by:

  • Monitoring production phases

  • Tracking process control and product quality information

  • Improve assembly and aggregation processes

  • Quantifying process bottlenecks

  • Complying with industry guidelines and standards

  • MultiSystems Identification solutions and services include:

  • Requirements and environmental evaluation

  • Test lab of barcode samples with simulated application

  • Device and components integration to specific application

Some challenges on Identification reading may include:

  • Uneven lighting, low contrast and shiny surfaces

  • Speed of production line

  • Damaged, degraded printing

  • Multiple codes simultaneously

  • Perspective and curved surfaces

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