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Printer Applicators and Labelers

Printer Applicators and Labelers

MultiSystems offers a broad range of Label Printer Applicators and Labelers, ranging from simple semi-automatic label applicator to high-speed label printer applicator with RFID encoder and fully integrated, custom applications. These printer applicators are integrated into a diversity of labeling situations, based on your packaging process and needs.

Based on your labeling and marking application, our extensive line includes a solution for any environment, volume or speed need.

Here are some applicators examples:

Air Jet / Blow-On Label Applicator

The air jet / blow-on labeling process is a non-contact method. The label is completely removed from the liner and held by a vacuum before a jet of air transfers it to the product.

The label is printed and immediately dispensed onto a vacuumed surface and staged until the time of application. The vacuum surface remains stationary, and the label is held in place on a “vacuum grid,” a surface covered with hundreds of small holes through which a vacuum is drawn. These same “vacuum holes” are used to retain “air jets,” small tubes plumbed from a common manifold, which are arranged in a pattern in the vacuum grid. From these “air jets” comes a blast of compressed air strong enough to overcome the vacuum, free the label from the grid and blow it onto the product.

Although this approach may seem precarious, it is quite reliable, having no moving parts, no contact with the product and requiring no dedicated tamp pads for different sizes. The air blow jets are simply repositioned to accommodate different labels, up to the maximum size of the vacuum grid.

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