Elmedalsvej 20-22 Slagelse, DK-4200

Semi-Rotary Die

Semi-Rotary Die

This new die-cutting unit holds more advantages and key features.


  • Easy plate loading system
  • Use your existing die plates
  • Electronically adjustable impression cylinder
  • No heavy magnetic cylinders
  • Settings stored with job save

The Semi-Rotary Die Unit has a very easy plate loading system, including a plate mounting table. It makes it easy to align the die plates before they are rolled on to the magnetic cylinder.

All your existing die plates can be used in the Semi-Rotary Die Unit as long as the plate length is the same as the chosen format.

The impression roller is a brand new Nilpeter design. Parallel and skewing adjustment is controlled directly from the press user interface. The settings for the impression cylinder can then be stored with the job and make the job change even easier.

One of the great advantages is the elimination of storage and handling of heavy magnetic cylinders. The die unit is equipped with a magnetic cylinder used for all jobs within the format length 8” to 16”.

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