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Wine Capsule Machine1

Wine Capsule Machine1

Our wine capsule machines is equipped with a solid chassis designed to minimize vibrations and increase resistance to mechanical stress. The upper guard is made of aluminium profiles and sliding and folding polycarbonate doors, equipped with safety microswitches. The chassis with adjustable feet is provided with stainless steel doors equipped with microswitches.

The work phases are regulated by a microprocessor which monitors all the phases. All the drives are controlled by a Touch Screen panel, displaying machine operating data and information on emergencies or problems.

Length 385 cm about
Height 220 cm about
Width 218 cm about
Capacity 120/150 cap/min
Power supply 400 V – 50 Hz

The capsules produced are widely used as decorative and protective cover for wine bottles or in other applications where coverage is required.
Our wine capsule machine produces in particular oenological capsules, pvc capsules, aluminum capsules, capsule bottles, heat shrink capsules.
The heat-shrinkable capsules, made of PVC, are the most widespread security seal whose application is widely used and very versatile.
The heat-shrinkable capsules produced by our wine capsule machines can be applied as a corkscrew on both bottles with cork closure.

Wine Capsule Machines – Our configurations

Integrating to the base units some additional units we obtain 3 different machine configurations with different functionalities depending on the installed unit: ROTOMATIC for the production of PVC capsules, POLIMATIC  and ROTOPOLIMATIC for the production of PVC and polylam capsules.

  • ROTOMATIC – Wine Capsule Machineor for the production of transversal heat-shrink PVC capsules with self-sealing top disc with crescent-shaped perforation and embossing.
    Additional groupsRETRACTION
  • POLIMATIC – Wine Capsule Machine for the production of polylam capsules, designed to develop high quality aluminum polylaminate capsules with hot-welded end discs.
    Additional groups: RULLER UNIT – EMBOSSING
  • ROTOPOLIMATIC – Wine Capsule Machine for the production of PVC and polylam capsules. Rotopolimatic is a machine for the production of wine capsules designed to develop high-quality polylam capsules with hot-sealed top disc and PVC capsules.
    Additional groups: RETRCTION – RULLER UNIT – EMBOSSING

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