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PAC Strapping Products, Inc.

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High Performance Polyester Strapping

High Performance Polyester Strapping

PAC Strapping High Performance polyester strapping is engineered to provide you with a consistent, high quality product for your toughest strapping applications. Utilizing the latest in technology, our experienced manufacturing team sets rigid quality standards and maintains a relentless commitment to producing a range of polyester strap that consistently performs in the most demanding applications.

The PAC High Performance Polyester Advantage

Unlike alternative strapping products, PAC polyester combines the strength of steel strapping with the safety and economy of plastic to maximize performance. The result is a more secure load at a lower cost than many alternatives.

Some of the many advantages of PAC polyester over alternative products are:

Split Resistance – A small nick or cut will not propagate across the width of the strap.

High Retained Tension – The high tension capability of PAC high-performance polyester allows it to be applied tight. Once it’s on your load, it stays tight … 50% tighter than nylon and up to five times tighter than polypropylene.

Elongation Recovery – Applied properly, PAC high-performance polyester will stretch under tension. However, most of the elongation is recovered after the initial application. The result is a strap that stays tight even when loads are shrinking and settling during transit.

Environmentally Sound – PAC polyester is easy to recycle and nearly impervious to weather conditions.

Not just a “cheaper” alternative to steel – For many applications, it’s a better solution. Historically, steel strapping has been the preferred choice for certain types of loads. PAC high-performance polyester is now a better alternative for many of these applications. Unlike steel, PAC polyester has “shock reserve”. This allows the strap to compensate for stresses during transit and enables it to recover so it stays tight. PAC high-performance polyester also has several other advantages over steel strapping.

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