Candy Wrap Wax Coating

Candy Wrap Wax Coating

Full Range of Adhesives and Coatings for Flexible packaging


Paramelt provides a complete product offering for the flexible packaging industry, encompassing a full range of hot melt, water based and solvent based adhesives, wax blends and polymer dispersions as well as water-borne primers and heat seal and barrier coatings for paper, board, film and aluminium foil. The flexible packaging range includes:


  • Coating wax for gloss and release, vegetable wax based gloss and release coating, heat seal wax, laminating wax, and wax based barrier coatings (Paraflex™ and Nowax™).
  • Hot melts include heat seal hot melt and hot melt for in-mould labelling applications
  • Water based laminating adhesives and solvent based laminating adhesives for film-to-film and paper-to-aluminium lamination (Aquatack™).
  • Water based heat seal coatings for in mould labelling, coffee labels, skin packaging, sugar sachets as well as heat seal lacquers for aluminium such as processed cheese foil and dairy lidding (Aquaseal™).
  • Water based functional coatings for anti-mist, anti-slip, anti-static as well as gas barrier, fat and grease barrier, moisture barrier or water barrier. (Aquaseal™)
  • Water based additives for slip and blocking modification in coatings as well as water-borne primers for film and aluminium foil (Syncera™).

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