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Hot Melt Coatings

Hot Melt Coatings

Adhesives for Paper and Board Converting


For folding cartons and coated board one can use Paramelt’s paper & board converting products for typical applications like anti slip, barrier, flute impregnation, heat seal, lamination, side seam, and window patching. For tube winding Paramelt offer a range of inner-ply and outer-ply adhesives. Paramelt’s program for single and multi-wall bags and sacks consists of performance products for gluing bottoms, handles, windows, side seams, sleeves and valves. These are Enziflex™ water-based adhesives, Aquaseal™ heat seal & barrier coatings, Latyl™ bottom paste adhesives, and Plastomelt™ and Excelta™ hot melt adhesives.


Adhesives for Labelling Food and Beverage bottling


For food and beverage bottling industry Paramelt offer both glue-applied and pre-glued labelling solutions. Test Paramelt’s high speed labelling adhesive program, especially for requirements like ice water resistance, condensation water resistance, excellent wet or hot tack and adhesion on glass bottles, metal cans or plastic bottles (like PET and PP). Try the heat seal coatings for in mould labelling (IML-T, IML-I and IML-B) and gumming adhesives for remoistenable labelling. The labelling solutions in detail:


Labelling adhesives for glass, metal and plastic bottles and containers


Multicollac™ casein labelling cold glue adhesives for high speed labelling, ice water resistance and condensation water resistance.


  • Latyl™ hybrid, synthetic and starch based cold glue labelling adhesives, Plastomelt™ and Excelta™ hot melt labelling and packaging adhesives, and Plastoflex™ pressure sensitive hot melt labelling adhesives.
  • Aquaseal™ heat seal coatings for paper or film labels for in-mould labelling processes like thermoforming, blow moulding or injection moulding and for shrink sleeves.

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