Stiavelli packaging machine

Stiavelli packaging machine

SO NEW-S ELECTRONIC is an innovative machine suitable for packing products such as long cut pasta, bread sticks, chocolate bars, etc. in pillow type bags and also in flow-packed trays, if supplied with some special devices. SO NEW-S ELECTRONIC is the result of many years of field experience and machine development.

These improvements have further increased the well known reliability of STIAVELLI long cut pasta packaging systems.

The packaging system shown is the long cut pasta version of the machine equipped with SPL/ENEW-S double weighed.


  • High speed reliable packaging system, with excellent weighing accuracy.
  • Electronic management of all machine parameters thanks to the multi-task operator interface.
  • Minimum percentage of rejected packs due to product contaminated seals.
  • High performance machine able to handle rough and difficult flowing products.
  • High quality of components sharply reduces parts wear and consequently maintenance time.
  • Phased electronic control with automatic resetting after any machine stop.
  • Operator interface (weigher +packaging machine) with touchscreen colour display for memorization, control and selfdiagnostic of all operation parameters.
  • Possibility of remote control through modem via Internet.

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