Via Monte Grappa, 8, 35015 - Galliera Veneta (PD), ITALY


Pavan Group is one of the industry pioneers worldwide in design & engineering of technologies and integrated product lines for cereal based food from handling of raw materials to the final packaging.


It provides a full service strategy that goes from the research and development of new products, to the project and design of manufacturing plants and to the final after-sales training and client services. Recently, the company has strengthened its positioning and brand image thanks to its top quality standards and product performances, which contemplate manufacturing plants for fresh and dry pasta, noodles, ramen, couscous, extruded breakfast cereals, and all types of snacks.


Traditional foods originating from the over 130 countries where the Group operates, or new “inventions” distinguishing themselves for their raw materials, shapes, manufacturing processes recipes or added value services: global opportunities in terms of business, and of a worldwide circulation and valorisation of a good-eating culture, where the Group is one of the leading technological interpreters. With their 70 year experience and know-how, their wide range portfolio covering eight different specialized brands, its consistent R&D investments, it can fully provide highly sophisticated processes and automation solutions, both for single technologies as for a multidiscipline turnkey approach.


The most important and complex industries of the world, work with a tailor-made solution developed by the company, with great results from all point of views: cost controlling, efficiency and product quality.