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Carton Liners

Carton Liners

Prior Packaging’s carton liners have been specifically designed and made with the Australian food industry in mind.

Excellent puncture resistance, perfect seal welding and the highest manufacturing consistency results in effectively zero percent liquid migration to the outside packaging. Our specialised blend of food safe resins ensures Prior Packaging’s carton liners offer the strongest barrier possible for your produce.

State of the art printing is also available to make your products stand out from the crowd, and to ensure they meet Australian or quality standards.

* Virtually no leaks.

* Food safe materials.

* HACCP Certification.

* Can make to almost any size.

* Custom colour film available.

* Custom printing (1-8 colours)

* Excellent puncture & tear resistance.

* Designed for the Australian food industry.

All food grade carton liners sold by Prior Packaging are in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. (AS2070 – Plastic materials for food contact use)

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