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Continuous Inkjet Printer EJet 455B

Continuous Inkjet Printer EJet 455B


Rottweil E-Jet 455B continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) is engineered for industrial non-contact coding and marking application, capable of printing from 1~2 lines of text, nozzle 55um. Stable and reliable hydraulic system, Germany design.32 digits embedded LINUX operating system, 5 CPU chips, TFT color screen, QWERTY int’l standard keypad. USB port-easy upgrading, easy save/restore of print text & config. Maintenance reminding function, solvent bottle detector, nozzle self-cleaning function, solvent recycling system design, etc provides you all-round services. Low utilization cost and low maintenance cost, specifically designed to meet basic coding across a wide range of substrates, it is ideal for printing date, time, batch number, graphics, trademarks, etc. A wide selection of 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16 dots print mode, multi-fonts and multi languages available. Utilize fast dry ink, to those that offer outstanding adhesion to film, glass, metal, plastic, PE, PVC, paper, wood and rubber. In addition, different inks will be supplied according to your particular application, such as standard ink, pigment ink, food grade ink, ethanol resistant ink, UV ink, etc. Main Feature:

  • LINUX operating system

  • Regular maintenance remind function

  • Solvent bottle detector

  • Nozzle self-cleaning function

  • Lower price, but great performance

  • Regular maintenance only changes filters

  • Head embedded valves for ink on and bleed, to shut ink line immediately when power off

  • Magnetic shielded print head cover

  • Magnifying glass to observe the ink breaking drop shape 4-screws to adjust alignment

  • Separated Charging Electrode

  • Positive air access available, to ensure the print head clean, under dust environment

  • Distance from print head to print surface 1~30mm

  • Back-up tube at print head

  • L shape head available

  • High-Speed machine option available

Electronic & Software Features:

  • 32 digits embedded LINUX operation system

  • User friendly interface, WYSIWYG display

  • Storage memory 40MB

  • “RUN/STOP” hot key to start/shut down printer automatically

  • “INFO” hot key to list the history of errors to ease maintenance

  • USB/Ethernet software upgrading

  • Pop-up window to remind changing filters in every 2000 hours

  • Real time and date with calendar

  • Three print mode: High Speed, Standard, Graph

  • Text format: Horizontal-reverse, Vertical-reverse, Negative, Double Space, Bold, Character Width

  • Defined grid value to move the editing cursors at a certain dot you need

  • 3 counters & 4 shifts, automatically

  • OPS (Encoder Direction Recognition & Printing Compensation Function)

  • DMS (Distance Measuring System)

  • Passwords give access to different level of users

  • Multi operation language available

Hydraulic System:

  • Compact design

  • Diaphragm pumps ensures the economical operation and reliable printing capability

  • Longer life and lower maintenance cost

  • High contrast printing

  • Solvent bottle detector to alarm when machines have insufficient solvent

Optional Accessories:

  • Photo sensor

  • Shaft encoder

  • Print head stand/Bracket

  • Alarm system, 3 color (green/yellow/red)

  • Conveyor, speed adjustable

  • Other

Ink type and color:

  • Black ink only with different types of uses

  • Waterproof ink --- No spread even on condensing surface.

  • UV visible ink --- Invisible ink which only visible under UV light.

  • High temp resistance ink --- For high temperature application (500-1300℃), color is changeable by different temp.

  • Anti-migration ink --- Good adhesion on cable (soft polyethylene) can resist migration.

  • Alcohol resistance ink --- Not washed off by alcohol, can dip in alcohol.

  • Food grade ink --- For egg shell printing application. The coding will not fade even after boiling.


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