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Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels (ECLs) are a family of labels designed to increase packaging space to convey in-depth information. If you’ve ever seen a bottle or a package with a label that folds or pops out, then you’ve seen at least one type of Extended Content Label. The many different types of Extended Content Labels can solve a variety of communication challenges on packaging.

Applications for Extended Content Labels

Government agencies regulate different types of products and sometimes require companies to pack a lot of information onto packaging. ECLs can help you meet those requirements without taking away branding real estate so you can still catch your customer’s eye.

Extended Content Labels are used for many different types of products, particularly:

  • Chemicals
  • Vitamins and nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals

They’re a great fit for products that use small bottles, as the need for regulatory information can otherwise force you to use larger containers. And you’ll see ECLs on cartons with inserts or labels that open up.

Don’t limit ECLs to just regulations though. They are effective marketing tools for a variety of promotions. ECLs are great for incorporating:

  • Multiple languages
  • Instant redeemable coupons (IRCs)
  • Coupons for later redemption
  • Rebate forms
  • Recipes
  • Game and sweepstake pieces
  • Promotional items
  • Questionnaires
  • Corporate information and stories
  • Cross-promotional products
  • Ingredients
  • Instructions

If you want your package to carry more information and have branding flexibility, Extended Content Labels could be a space-saving, cost-reducing solution. To see examples of how brands in different markets employ ECLs

The right Extended Content Label solution depends on your product’s environment

When you’re launching any product, it’s key to consider the environment your product must survive and the way your customers interact with it. Crucial considerations include:

  • Whether or not your product will be around moisture and condensation
  • If it will be used once or opened and closed many times — how it will be handled
  • Chemicals that are likely to contact your label (especially those in your product)
  • If your product will be outside and exposed to sunlight
  • The temperatures, humidity and environmental variations your label must face
  • And any other element of your product’s environment that could affect your label

Understanding your product’s environment, fit, form and function makes it possible to determine the best solutions for your label. Your Extended Content Labels should be designed and printed with this information in mind, as you’ll get a solution that both conveys your lengthy information and fits your product. Our experienced team can offer several options and help you select the best Extended Content Label for your budget, brand and product.

Guiding you through the label process

Our full-service team is experienced in Extended Content Labels and can pull from our extensive ECL capabilities to assist you. From idea to completion, our team helps you find the best label solutions for your product. So you get your product to market with a branded, eye-catching label that communicates all key information. We’ll help you through every facet of label design, from templates and layout to proofing and mock-ups. And we’ll guide you in determining the best structure and materials. When your labels are complete, we’ll test their performance. And throughout the process, we ensure you get the best label for your budget.

Booklet labels

Booklet labels are a type of Extended Content Label best for including the longest information. We can print nearly any booklet label with a variety of folds to fit your product.

Smooth-peel labels

We can help add extended information to nearly any bottle using smooth-peel labels, and we print in a wide variety of constructions.

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