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Active Reader-RX210

Active Reader-RX210

The RX210 is a reader designed to work in rugged environments, comes with serial RS232 and USB communication ports, and supports RS485 which can have up to 255 readers daisy chained on one network. It can operate in rugged conditions at ultra long ranges, subject to the appropriate antenna being fitted to the unit. The data from detected tags is sent by the readers RS485 / RS232 or USB port.

The reader supports two modes of data transmission. Hardware auto-polling mode allows for continuous tag data to be transmitted to the host system in the fastest possible manner. Software poling allows for dynamic communication with each reader by software applications, instant notification of reader offline and customization of reader polling order and frequency.

Reader Type:

  • RX210: Reader with housing

Reader Antennas:

  • AN100: 433 MHz 1/4 Whip for up to 50m

  • AN200: 433 MHz 1/8 Whip for up to 20m

  • AN350: 433 MHz Circular Patch for up to 150m

  • AN400: 433 MHz Outdoor Whip for up to 150m

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