Geared Motors

Geared motors are designed to provide most efficient, economical and compact drive for low shakti -engineerseed applications. Shakti’s geared motors are a combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a gear box (helical, worm or epicyclical) converting the high shakti -engineerseed of the prime mover to low shakti -engineerseed with maximum efficiency. These units are manufactured under the supervision of trained technical personnel with strict quality control, latest know how technology and appropriate raw materials.

The Electric Motor is designed for trouble free, economical performance. It seals off the input side of the gear box. Normally it is totally enclosed, fan cooled, continuously rated, Class B insulation operating on 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles A.C. supply as per IS:325. Class F or H insulation, IP 55 enclosures etc. can also be offered.

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