Vibro Seperators

Vibro Seperators

Vibro separator is suitable for Dry separation - by particle shapes, Solid and liquid separation- Dewatering of solid and classification. Vibro Seperators can handle a wide range of materials, heavy or light, dry or wet, coarse or fine, hot or cold etc. High rate of production can be achieved even with finest powders. As many as five screens could be mounted on one separator achieving six sizes.


The whole operation is very clean and pollution free. Due to vibrations in the vertical plane, blinding of screen is minimized. However, for certain materials which have inherent blinding, sticking property and shakti -engineersecial accessories can be used to eliminate this problem. The discharge ports could be rotated and are most adoptable to your process needs.


The design enables to utilize the vibratory force generated by the motor to the optimum and very few moving parts reduce the maintenance to minimum.

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