Horizontal Packaging Machines

Our horizontal packaging machines can cover a working speed range from 25 to 400 bpm, with the proper automatic feeding systems. The bags can be shaped in pillow, square bottom or with euroslot.


Among horizontal packaging machines, SR 500 is an ideal solution for completely automatic packaging lines. Manufactured in stainless steel and aluminum, it has cantilevered groups, which are easy to replace and sanitize, plus an independent motorization. The special phase conveyor configuration allows align, phase and pack piece products such as biscuits, chocolate bars, etc. reaching speed of up to 400 bags per minute. The phasing system is a delicate composition of four modules, ten axes, of which seven are brushless, granting the perfect detection and successful positioning of the product into a flow pack machine. The software for managing of this piece of machinery is specially designed to ease the operation by minimizing required intervention of personnel during the production cycles. If need be, the system can also be managed and controlled remotely.

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