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UVA Packaging

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LIMA-C Ultrasonic Series

LIMA-C Ultrasonic Series

With it's revolutionary UVA-SONICSEALER technology UVA-Packaging offers the fastest Ultrasonic packaging machine in the market.

All motions are fully controlled by high performance servo technology it's extreme strong and rugget design enables UVA Packaging to run Ultrasonic technology with Continious Motion with unmatched accuracy. UVA-SONICSEALER technology is recognised truly unique and superior from both technology as well as performance stand point which is recognised by customers like Kanes Foods who recently selected UVA-Packaging to be their preferred supplier.

Benefits of Ultrasonic on VFFS machine LIMA-C :

- Ultrasonic is capable of sealing through product and therefor capable of making hermetic seals under all circumstances.

- The seal area of Ultra sonic seals is just 4mm which generating massive film savings for most applications

- Downstream manual quality checks on seals are no longer required

- 30 Micron film can also be sealed by UVA-SONICSEALER technology

Best applications:

- Cheese packing

- Confectionary packing

- Fresh Salad packing

- Liquid packing

- Powders

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