UVA Packaging

UVA Packaging

Langendijk 10, 5652 AX Eindhoven, Netherlands

AboutUVA Packaging

UVA Packaging is specialized for more than 50 years in vertical form, fill and seal machines (VFFS) with a well know experience in various market segments. The VFFS machines are based on a modular platform designed with high quality components resulting in >98% up-time, making high quality bags at speeds and efficiency that are unmatched in the market. UVA Packaging is known for customized quality packaging machines and creative solutions. The aim is to give our customers an advantage in the market by creating innovations efficiency and flexibility of the packaging machine. UVA Packaging offers innovations on packaging styles and recloseability but also enables our customers to save cost of operations with guaranteed speeds and efficiency.

The competence of our organization is the combination of a great flexibility and more than 50 years experience in packaging. We fulfill customer demands by configuring machines and add extra value by our engineering to order capabilities. UVA Packaging has customers all over the world, including many multinationals as well as small enterprises. Our application specialists bring knowledge and experience to the table both on UVA Packaging technology as well as third party equipment that is required in a production line. UVA Packaging machines are delivered turnkey, on-site and installation. Service can be done by UVA Packaging service specialists that operate around the globe.

The headquarter of UVA Packaging is located in Eindhoven, which is hosting development, assembly, service and sales. The North American market is served by our fully equipped Northern American division VDL USA. where we are present since 1980 with the opening of the U.S. facility in Richmond, Virginia.