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Large L Sealing Shrink Wrap Machines

Large L Sealing Shrink Wrap Machines

Large L Sealing Shrink Wrap Machines

Our large, robust and professional shrink wrap machines can be built to wrap any size product.

Our large L sealing shrink wrap machines are custom built to your exact needs and specifications. These machines can wrap any size products, from envelopes and jigsaw puzzles to beds! This machine has even been known to wrap products measuring 3 metres by 3 metres! This one machine wraps it all!

Best of all, these machines are durable and hardwearing. We build them to last, ensuring your initial investment pays off long term, and your products are professionally wrapped and protected.

Unlike sleeve sealers, these machines fully wrap each product, so there’s no holes or gaps in the film. This ensures your products are protected from outside elements and damage during transportation.

What are the advantages of using Large L Sealing Shrink Wrap Machines?

  • Built to your specifications
  • Have been known to wrap items up to 3m x 3m!
  • Highly robust machine
  • Fully wraps products (no holes or gaps)
  • Rentals are available
  • Heavy duty

If you’re new to shrink wrap machines, or just need some further advice then feel free to contact us via our contact page here.

The machine on the top left is a typical bespoke large L sealer machine with a high efficiency tunnel. This particular machine is designed to handle packs from the size of a standard envelope all the way through to boxes and packs in excess of 1500mm.

The machine on the right was designed by us to wrap steel metal doors weighing over 80kg and measuring in excess of 2500mm. This gives you an idea of just how robust and durable these machines actually are.

Are there any limitations to the sleeve sealers?

There’s no doubt that these machines are durable, but that does mean they tend to take up a lot of space and can be difficult to manoeuvre. If you’re looking for something smaller and portable, then why not take a look at our automatic sleeve sealer shrink wrap machine.

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