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Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

Protecting goods in transit reduces breakages leading to less returns, reducing waste and cost. Woodway have a wide range of products to ensure the best-fit solution for your products

Geami WrapPak is a sustainable alternative to bubblewrap. This unique paper-based product offers protection and great in-box presentation.

Other wrapping, padding and void fill solutions including equipment are also available. If you are unsure which is the most suitable product for your application contact one of our team who will be able to advise you on the most efficient protective packaging.

Key products include:

  • Geami WrapPak

  • Air bags

  • Paper padding, wrapping and voidfill

  • Bubblewrap

  • Bubble bags

  • Retention packs

  • Plastic and foam edge protection

  • Air bag and paper machines

  • Cardboard shredders

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